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What the FUCK is up?

I started this studio with nothing, and I found that sometimes people come here, not even for art but for the CULTURE. If you aren't someone who might be a little lost, has experienced pain, or has 0 rage in their soul we may not be for you. This brand was built for the people who don't have a place to go, for those who need some friends, for those who have lost. For those who might not have family. We are the badfroots. You are welcome at our table, just how you are.

I learned these principles when I worked as a Social Worker in a group home for boys and coming from a broken family. The overall message here is to join a community that may or may not have a little edge to it based on its influences, art, creators, collaborators, music and frequent use of the word fuck. No matter what walk of life you come from, if you are a little gnarly you are welcome here. Pay it forward. Be kind to others, but never back down from your initial thoughts. Use your pain to be the best that you can be in your life and watch it change here with us. 


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