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My name is Jack Davidson. I am a man of many hats. I have been involved in real estate, stocks, social work, video editing, and my latest and greatest endeavor, illustration. Although, throughout all of those endeavors (that were quite successful might I add) I always was doodling and wanted to become an artist fulltime, I just didn't know how. Now I do.  

I've grown up on the shores of Long Island, with a group of badfroots that have helped define this brand over the last 30 years. I won't bore you with the entire story, that can be found within our community. 

Long story short, I used to graffiti dicks, yep, dicks. Everywhere. All over my high-school. They used to call me the penis bandit. Now I have Hamptons Magazines writing about me, and mentioning that word in big bold letters to showcase my art. Take THAT, mom. 

One day, one of my froots called me and told me that I should stop what I'm doing, and pursuit this crazy thing called web3. I told him we were done with pyramid schemes, but my dumbass chugged down this track at full speed. This changed my life forever, and gave me a platform to be heard. All my years of being a broker, watching how to run businesses, and deal with the broken hearted allowed me to create this sick brand that your reading up on right now. We are HEAVILY rooted in our culture. It may all seem silly right now, but we have some hardcore rooted values that promote being the best version of yourself and claiming what you have lost throughout your life by just being yourself. That's right, by drawing dicks. 

We designed our first golden goose project called SkullKids in 2021. Many projects and friends came to follow after this one and it can all be found in our "FIND YOUR PROJECT" page in our discord. Once Skullkids took off, everything changed. 

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