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Untitled_Artwork - 2023-02-02T171011.507.png


I use a 5 step system, although the 5th step is pretty minor. I hate people who gatekeep about art and I figured why not share the RAW PROCESS of how it is done. 

We hit this live on our stream, Mondays @ 8PMEST.



I lay out the image with some thick red lines so that when it comes time to work on Macro/Micro lines it can be easily determined where we place our creativity. During this process, I also determine where I will place value from the focal point. This is pivotal in my pieces of work. 



Adding value is 1 of 2 final secrets that make my digital paintings POP. This is designed within the first step, and really is the entire reason for the design. I chose a spot, object, or in this case, THE MOON and EYES. This is where out light source is emanating from, so we have to make sure that we take note of where to fill in light and dark gradients of the base color theory. 


Line Work

This here is my speciality. I take my DAMN sweet time to make sure my line weights are correct and make sense for the concept. I divide my line sessions in two. First, we work on our Macro lines, which gives us bold meaning for the main draws of the image. Next, we begin working on  Micro lines. These are our smaller, more percise lines that will add detail to the little things. I seperate these lineweights by about 35%.



The top secret formula here at badfroot is using our value to maximize color saturation. We add luminance effects and final touches with small white dabs all over, to texturize and bring our image to life. 

Untitled_Artwork - 2023-06-07T185723.521.png


With my styling, and depending on the image and vibe we either use Black and Gray or saturate the f*ck out of it with some vibrant ass colors. I select a pallet based on the color theory I've been day dreaming about. I fill in every corner, layer, and gap to make sure the saturation feels and warm. 

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