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Web 3

These are the various projects that we have produced here at badfroot. We've been building out these projects since the 2021 bull-run and haven't left yet. Lets brush you up to speed on what some of these new words mean. Be sure to check out our 1/1 behemoth, SkullKids: Immortals.

You'll find that these stories coincide with my life story and the person that I am, so there is some major sentiments wired into the design and overall lifeblood of the project. Although to join our badfroot community, an NFT is not required.

Web 3: An idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web which incorporates concepts such as decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. It is the next evolution of life as we know it, although many people are not interested in this way of life, which is why at badfroot we are trying to bridge the gaps between the real world and web3. Here is a quick 101.

NFT: [NON-FUNGIBLE-TOKEN] - A form of digital media that can be illustrations, music, photographs, or anything that can be uploaded really. Depending on your projects value will determine the worth of your NFT.

Smart Contracts: The coding and magic behind the NFT that makes each project and piece of art developed unique. These contracts are often written by developers and other people of the sort.

1/1: Ah yes, the KING of NFTs. These are INDIVIDUAL pieces of art that are unique and there are NON like it. This is primary what badfroots use within our community to represent themselves. We have several different collections like these, but they basically are only 1 edition each. First come, first serve.

Generative: This requires an artist, and developer to create. These style projects drop anywhere from 200-10000 pieces in a randomized blender of art. The artist creates many different traits and creates the spine of the project, while the developer codes the backend of the project. Developers are also in charge of making sure all the layering makes sense and comes out beautifully when it comes time to mint. The dev will also determine the rarity tables and how optimized the launch day will be. (SkullKids: Generations is an example of this).

Mint: Buying an NFT with Crypto Currency, and getting it sent to your wallet.

Utility: Utility is the MAGIC behind the NFTs. It's really how you design your project to last long crypto winters and keeps your community involved. Many projects don't have this. The best way I like to explain this, is like if you purchased an expansion pack for one of your favorite video games. Our best example of utility is found within our SkullKids: Immortals collection, and its our awesome Augmentation System using a community currency that we call "Runes".

Wallet: A wallet is what stores and holds your crypto currency. This is what is used to connect to websites to mint your NFT. Make sure your DYOR before connecting or signing anything with your wallet, this place is the wild west right now and it is very easy to get robbed. Once minted, the NFT will live in your wallet and you will be able to show people your newly minted piece of art!

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